Spinks Better Stronger Faster

Believe in Yourself

The best approach to this is really NOT guessing at all. It keeps you neutral and doesn’t allow you to make any assumptions about what you are offering. You should make business assumptions based upon fact but do not make assumptions based upon emotion regarding your business. Never assume that you know that there are tons of people who will buy what you sell and never assume that you know that no one will buy what you sell. This is dangerous ground to tread on and you simply need to remain neutral without making assumptions unless they are based on fact.

All in all, put your plan together and simply act on the plan. After a year or two and in some cases earlier, you will know whom and where the people are that buy whatever it is you are selling. The people or buyers may be at flea markets, they may be in your neighborhood, they may be at shopping malls, or they may go to record stores every Saturday to buy the latest music.

Once you have a track record of knowing where these people are who buy what you sell because you have actually sold it to them, your confidence and power will increase and you will be closer to
your goal. If you have access to the Internet, this is one of the most powerful research tools that I have ever seen. In writing this book, I found my online publisher, found all of the schools that I
sell this book to, I found all of the stores that carry the book and who the buyer contacts are at the stores, and I found who will print my book for me at a decent rate.

This knowledge puts me that much ahead and also remove the guessing game from Jump Street. If you do not have access to the Internet, please at least get some kind of access from the local library or a local bookstore. Back in the early 1990’s when I was running my clothing company, all of my research had to be done manually and by going to the Oakland Business Library. With the Internet, I don’t have to travel anywhere to find out how to market and sell anything. I just need the courage to succeed and a fairly decent and simplified plan to make it happen. Don’t guess. Make it happen. Imagine it happening and dream that it will happen. Be patient, strong, stay up, and stay persistent and it will happen over time.