Larry Hoover

Black Gangster Disciple Nation Leader Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover (born November 30, 1950) is a convicted American murderer and the alleged leader of the Gangster Disciples gang (also known as the Black Gangster Disciple Nation) in Chicago. Hoover is reputed to be the leader of the gang in spite of the fact that he has been in prison continuously since 1973.

Hoover was born in Jackson, Mississippi but moved to Texas with his mother at the age of 4. He became involved with street gangs at the age of 12. By the age of 16 Hoover had been arrested several times and had survived several shootings.

On February 26, 1973, Hoover and another Gangster Disciple, Andrew Howard, shot and killed William Young over a debt. Both were later arrested and sentenced to 150-200 years in prison. Howard was paroled in 1992. In 1974, after the death of David Barksdale, Hoover was appointed the new leader of the BGDN. Read more on Larry Hoover from Wikipedia.

Big Meech Flenory

Big Meech Flenory

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory doesn’t just walk into the club. He arrives.

The first sign he’s coming: the cars. They coast to the curb like supermodels down a runway. Bentleys and H2s, Lambos and Porsches. And, when the crowd swells to full ranks, tour buses. In front of clubs from Midtown Atlanta to South Beach Miami, the streetlights bounce off the million-dollar motorcade, and it’s blinding.

Next, the crew. As Meech likes to say, all members are family: “Everybody moves like brothers. Everybody moves as one.” But as with any entourage, there’s a definite hierarchy. Pushing into the crowd (if that was possible), you’d first find the guys hovering on the fringes, moving with a slightly menacing sway.

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