Act Like A Lady Movie Casting Auditions

Act Like A Lady Movie Casting Auditions


We’re searching for someone to play an age between 18 and 50 for both a male role and a female role. Register to audition on the official Act Like A Lady Movie Site.

When submitting your audition, please choose whether you will be auditioning for the male role or the female role. If you choose to audition for the male role, please use the script side provided for the male role. If you choose to audition for the female role, please use the script side provided for the female role.

Audition materials consist of: one (1) audition video containing person auditioning for the role reading only one of the provided script sides (video should be no longer than 2 minutes), one (1) headshot photo no more than 100K in file size, and a brief description of credit highlights (if any).

Male Role Script:

JEREMY shoots hoops with his boys, while he complains about his girlfriend.


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Dude, I’ve been with the same woman for nine years. I stay out of her way, I’m sensitive to her needs, and I try not to talk too much. She’s incredible. We used to play video games till like 2am. She loved it! I knew my woman. Fantasy, science fiction, action figures–she loved that stuff just as muchas I do. She used to be fun. She used to be chill. Now, Kristen’s turned into her mother! All up in my face! Constantly nagging, harping–(imitating Kristen) “What are your short term
goals?” “What are your long-terms?” “What are your views on
relationships?” She’s trying to push me toward my dreams and help me achieve my goals. What the hell is wrong with her?!

Female Role Script:

MYA strolls up the street, clutching STEVE’S BOOK and talking to her friend.


For years we’ve been complaining about how the guys of our
generation are terrified of relationships– and just want to hook up– when we’ve had the power all along! Because we control the
cookie. And she who controls the cookie controls the game. By
putting it in the cookie jar, clamping the lid on tight and keeping it there– until some little boy grows up and actually earns a taste.

It’s time I get the respect I deserve. I’m implementing the 90 DAY RULE. If it’s good enough for a Fortune 500 company– it’s good enough for me. I mourned ten months for a guy I went out with for two weeks. I wasted six months dreaming of a guy I met once
at a wedding. Hell, I can go 90 Days before I go 90 Days.