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The Oakland California Lakeview Elementary School Closure
The closure of the Oakland Unified school district Lakeview elementary school is a pure travesty. This school has been a part of Oakland California for years and is in a great location right across the street from The Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland. My child does not go to school here, however, this shows a greater issue that plagues Northern California and California as a whole.

Somehow, someway, California will always find the funds to build a new jail. In fact, some of the new jails looks so nice and inviting it makes someone want to become a criminal, get out of being homeless without a home, and try to get a free ride and living in the new jail. This is a social problem that Republicans want us to not think about and want to call President Obama a socialist over.

Somebody needs to take a careful look into what is happening with education in Oakland California and in all of California. How can you close schools where education should be a priority and then put more money into jails so that you can incarcerate the individuals that you never gave an opportunity for education? Can you feel me? Do you follow me or is this just me?

California and the USA MUST do better with education and stop doing so much and spending so much to incarcerate the people that never had a chance. This must stop.