For those discerning men who love fine cars and clothes, Porsche Design makes much more than automobiles. I happened to be walking down the street in downtown San Francisco, California the other day with my daughter and teenage niece. We had a great time in Union Square and just basically having a day filled with lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and some light shopping. As we are leaving Macy’s in Union Square and headed to the BART train, we happen upon a beautifully designed store called Porsche Design.

Porsche Design of San Francisco

I’m thinking to myself “Is this the same Porsche that designs beautiful luxury sports cars?” So, I decide to walk in and to my amazement, yes it was the Porsche that makes cars. For men who love fashion and well built everything, this store is for you. The pictures don’t do it justice but if you are not near an actual store, you must buy something from this place. The backpacks and luggage are phenomenally designed and handcrafted with the same type of quality that a Porsche automobile has.

This store gets a 5 star rating from me and all of the products in it.