Frustrated by the job search?

I know this is crazy but employers look at resumes and judge people based upon seeing “holes” in the resume. It’s crazy because even the HR person who is looking at the resume or the hiring manager who is looking at the resume may have even been off from work for an extended amount of time. People are strange and people in a hiring position are even stranger. Plan for this strangeness on your resume.

Let’s say that you’ve been eagerly trying to get a job and the last time you worked was in June of 2011. Personally, I would never judge you and understand the economy, however, we’re talking about people in the world who have to make hiring decisions. The mind naturally will look at resumes first where they see that the person either recently stopped working or is even still employed the day that they are reviewing the resume. Human nature law says that it’s more attractive to steal a person away from another company and therefore it makes you more noticeable if you’re employed.

How do you combat this perceived hole in your resume? Easy. Do this: create your own company name and call it whatever: ACME Corporation for example. Go create a free corporate LinkedIn account for that company or a Facebook corporate account for ACME Corporation that you created. Then go and create a Google Places account for your company ACME Corporation. You now have a “firm” to fill the hole or gap in your employment. Go edit your resume and add ACME Corporation as the last employer from June 2011-Present. Add similar skills that you did before or that you’re looking for in your next job assignment. Call your friend and tell them about it and ask them to be your “manager” at ACME corporation and a reference.

Do it now. I don’t care what it appears like. The world is tough, create your own way.