Tim Tebow Wildcat Offense

Is Tim Tebow good for the New York Jets Wildcat Offense?

Let’s first start off by defining what exactly is the Wildcat offense. The Wildcat offense is an offensive formation designed to throw defenses off because the usual quarterback who lines up behind the offensive center is no longer there. The designated QB may line up in the slot, go in motion, or line up as a tight end or wide out. In the Wildcat formation, the ball is then snapped to possibly a running back, a tight end in motion, a receive in motion, or anyone other than the designated quarterback.

This design throws defenses off from an assignment standpoint. The defense doesn’t know who to cover for a split second or seconds. These seconds can free up resources in the defensive backfield and create holes in the D. This hole can be exploited for extra yardage. For the New York Jets and Tim Tebow, I don’t see an advantage here because everyone knows that Tim Tebow is the QB, where he will line up, and that they will try to either use him to run the ball or use him as a decoy and go the other way.

Can Tim Tebow run the Wildcat? No doubt and no question about his ability to run the ball. He’s 6’3 and 245 lbs. He’s basically a fullback in quarterback clothing. But because there’s so much emphasis in the media put on this guy, the New York Jets will have to figure out how to run and design a specific Wildcat offensive schema around Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez no matter who’s at the designated quarterback position. I actually think it would work better with Mark Sanchez because the defense’s expectation for seeing the Wildcat formation is lowered when Sanchez is in the game. Maybe the New York Jets could leverage off of that.