Former Ohio State University Quarterback Art Schlicter

Former Ohio State University Quarterback Art Schlicter – My Model Of Success as a teenager

When I was a teenager, football and quarterbacking were my greatest love. Even when nobody thought I knew how to quarterback, I always dreamed of being a great quarterback and playing at The Ohio State University. What I learned to do, even though I didn’t know I was doing it, was use someone as a pattern of success.

I dove deep into finding out and researching exactly what Art Schlichter did as a quarterback to make it as a four year starter at Ohio State. I read everything about him in Sports Illustrated, Sport Magazine, and anything I could find out about what he did. I stumbled upon an article in Sports Illustrated with him on the cover that detailed his training regiment on his parents farm in Ohio.

At the time and in the 1980′s, this guy was the quarterback of the future. He used to throw the ball 500 times per day in his parents barn. He used to run sprints every single day. He used to run 2.5-3 miles each and every day in training as well. Guess what I did? I didn’t have a barn but I didn’t care about making an excuse and looking for what I didn’t have. I found what I could to achieve the exact same result as him.

I went out into my front yard at 1712 N. Broadway street in Peoria, Illinois and used the hedges that separated our yard from the neighbors yard, put up a blanket to stop my pass and threw the football 500 times each day into that blanket that hung over the hedges. After that, I would take off with my football and run 4 miles. After the 4 mile run, I would go to the overpass up the street and run 10 100 yard sprints.

There was absolutely nothing in the world that would stop me from becoming like this guy. No excuses. No lack. Nothing. I would do it. No one would tell me to do it. I would do it on my own. My point is that you have to find someone to use as a template of success and then create a pattern after them. Don’t recreate the wheel. Someone has done what you want to do. Find them and do exactly what they did.