Do LinkedIn Accounts Actually Work - Gerard Spinks' LinkedIn Account

Do LinkedIn Accounts Actually Work – Gerard Spinks’ LinkedIn Account

I’ve now had a LinkedIn Account for about 3 or 4 years. I can’t remember exactly how long it’s been but I’ve tried everything on LinkedIn to grow business. I tried a LinkedIn Premium Business Account and paid $49 per month for the account. I tried the free account for the first 36 months or so on there and had the same results as the paid account.

The only real value add that I see to the paid account for LinkedIn is the ego value add. In other words, I get to see who’s looking at me which in turn blows up my ego to know that some Vice President of some huge bank looked at my profile. Really? Who gives a care about who looked at my profile. I want them to actually call and convert that “looking at my profile” into real world dollars and cents.

I’ve posted all kinds of stuff into the Groups that I belong in that are relevant to my technological experience as well. The LinkedIn Groups are now just for recruiters and their the only ones who really post in there. You can’t really learn anything from them or hope that someone in your industry is looking for knowledge gain and/or share. The recruiters are just there knowing about you.

I have gone deaf on LinkedIn because 9 out of 10 posts that I see are technical job requirements in some other city that I don’t live in. On top of that, I want to know why our American unemployment still hovers around 8% if there are so many jobs available? Who are these recruiters hiring then? I already know the answer and it’s not Americans.

All in all, the only people who use LinkedIn and get anything out of it are corporate recruiters looking for talent from other countries. For most others, it’s a complete waste of time unless you like feeding the ego.