Mitt Romney Why Republicans Want to Return to Old American Values

Mitt Romney Why Republicans Want to Return to Old American Values

The Republicans and largely white European based Americans are simply in love with a pre-modern America. It’s funny when I see African American Republicans because I want to ask them if they share the love of the pre-civil war pre-civil rights era that their fellow Republicans share? But, do you ever ask why they are in love with this ideology? Why would people be so in love with the way things were back in 1902?

I’ll tell you why. When you look at any history book, you do NOT really see any African Americans depicted in any type of glorious reign around 1921. In fact, most white people in America were having a ball in the Roaring 1920′s and had a wonderful time in this era. The Roaring 20′s were called that for a reason. Did you know that before The first Great Depression in the United States, that white folks literally were leaving it up, making all kinds of money, had unbridled wealth, were passing wealth and land down to their kids and grand-kids, while black African Americans were catching pure hell?

So, it begs the question: why are these people so obsessed with returning to this era? There’s an easy answer which was stated above. There were deep pockets all around. Other people could NOT compete because white folks owned everything. They owned and mastered industry, they owned voting rights, they owned other people (mainly us African Americans), they were able to sleep with and impregnate any slave they wanted at will, they could arrest anyone on sight who threatened their economy and their economic come up.

If I were a conservative white Republican knowing all of the above, I would want to return to this pre-civil war America as well. If my ancestors owned everything and literally owned half of San Francisco, I would want to return to that era as well. If my people owned slaves, owned the roads, and owned the ships that shipped product on the seas, I would want to return to that era as well.

This is why they are so obsessed with an America from the past. It was simpler. It offered more control, less immigrants with power, less political immigrants with power, less women in control and power. This is the America that they strive to return to. This is the America that is gone and will never return.